The Smurfs @ McDonalds

The Smurfs @ McDonalds

The SmurfsYes folks, The Smurfs have landed at McDonalds.  At least in the UK they have as my wallet found out earlier today (Saturday).  My delightful twin daughters announced that they would like to go to McDonalds for dinner.   In the five star resturant, or at least there were five stars between all the staff there, I was please to find it not over run with the usual clientel.  Little Miss Stressy Knickers asked the supestar behind the counter if she could have a Smurfette in her Kids Happy Meal. Not that I’m cynical but bless his heart the guy only went and looked through nearly two dozen boxes to try and find a Smurfette for her.  We didn’t have any luck though but it was the fact he tried that impressed me.  However given a choice between Papa Smurf and Clumsy Smurf they both Little Miss Stressy Knickers and Little Miss Hopeful chose Clumsy.  Each of The Smurfs figures came with an elastic  loop through which my girls put their hands thus each having a Smurf on the wrist.  They are happy.

The Smurfs Cardboard House

The Happy Meals came in the usual little boxes, only this this time printed up like a Smurf house with a push open door.  Entertainment value? Only as long as it took to shove down half a dozen chicken nuggets.  Even the simple Smurfette quiz on the side didn’t interest them. Both The Smurfs box houses ended up in the bin before we left.

The Smurfs Windmill

While we sat eating a member of staff with a face like a smacked unhappy expression approached and enquired, “Do you want one of these?  These turned out to be a paper windmill that you pushout from a sheet of thin card decorated with various charactrs from the Smurfs.  Apparently I was supposed to build them on a McDonalds straw.  Having accomplished this task I can safely say that McDonalds should have stopped at the toys.  The windmills were rubbish.

Back to the Smurfs figures though.  The girls show me a piece of paper that came in the plastic bag.  There is about a dozen figures to collect so we have to go again to get a different one.  Oh deep joy.

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